ARCís Current Projects
Added July 26, 2018

Albuquerque Public Schools

Emergency and Law Enforcement - APS Map Access Web-Based Application

Integrated Security System Project (ISSP) Plan

Learning Zones Web Application

Portable Building Inventory

2019 Election Planning

Central New Mexico Community College Facilities Master Plan

Crownpoint Facilities Web Application (withIndigenous Design Studio + Architecture)

Fort Sumner Comprehensive Plan Update

Gadsden Independent School District Facilities Master Plan - Update 2018

Gallup-McKinley County Schools

Boundary Adjustments

Facilities Master Plan 2018 Yearly Update

City of Las Cruces GO Bond Project Analysis & Web Project/Transparency Interface

Las Cruces Public Schools

Facilities Master Plan 2018

Geographic Information System Assistance

Building System Feasibility Studies

City of Farmington Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan

Loudoun County Public Schools Web-Based Utilization

Mariano Lake Facilities Web Application

Native American Community Academy Inspired School Network Facilities Master Plan and Educational Specifications

State of New Mexico General Services Department Facility Condition Assessment

New Mexico State University Dona Ana Community College 2017 Facilities Master Plan Update

San Juan County Growth Management Plan

San Miguel County Comprehensive Plan

Sandia National Laboratories (withEnergy Engineering Associates), conceptual design/build study for aTech Area IV support facility

Sandia National Laboratories(withEnergy Engineering Associates) Space-Based Monitoring Systems Lab Study

Sandia National Laboratories(with 3AE Green)GeoSciences Complex Development Study

Santa Fe Public Schools

Utility Usage Programming

Boundary Study

Southwest Learning Centers Facilities Master Plan and Educational Specifications

Taos Pueblo Hazard Mitigation Plan