Preparation of Educational Specifications for Parkview Early Literacy Center, Roswell Independent School District, 2014
Service: Educational Facility Planning
Project Number: 21321
Completion Year: 2014
Location: Roswell, New Mexico

Project Sheet Download (PDF):
The Roswell Independent School District retained Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to develop Educational Specifications (EdSpecs) to address the expansion, modernization and/or new construction for Parkview Early Literacy Center. The school housed both pre-kindergarten developmentally delayed (Pre-K DD) students who were three and four years old, and typically developing Pre-K students, but the two programs operated separately. The Pre-K DD program was unique because it housed all of these students in the district at one location.

For this project, ARC based decisions about physical space needs on current best evidence, researching the methods and philosophies of many other Pre-K facilities and programs that support special needs such as autism and physical therapy in and out of the region. The resulting EdSpecs addressed planning and design of new and/or renovated facilities to adequacy for a projected enrollment of 350 three- and four-year-old DD students. The study also contributed to the New Mexico Public School Facilities Authority’s (PSFA) development of adequacy standards for Pre-K facilities.

ARC worked with a committee of school and district staff, a parent and PSFA field representative to develop three possible options: 1) expand and modernize the existing facility; 2) construct a mostly new facility on the current site and keep limited areas of the existing school; or 3) replace the facility on the current site. The options addressed the unique requirements of Pre-K DD students, including the need for specialized spaces; accommodations for medically fragile students; a safe and secure bus area; food service that follows governmental regulations; breakout areas to allow students from both programs to interact; playgrounds that are also instructional areas; and secure exterior spaces to prevent students from running away. The committee preferred option 2 or 3. The EdSpec also addressed staging during construction, considering the issues that would specifically affect Pre-K DD students. The expected opening of the completed school is August 2016.