Taos Pueblo Comprehensive Indigenous Community & Land Use Plan
Service: Community Planning
Project Number: 21309
Completion Year: 2014
Location: Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Project Sheet Download (PDF):
Taos Pueblo hired Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to prepare a comprehensive plan. ARC led a planning team that included the University of New Mexico’s Indigenous Design and Planning Institute (iD+Pi) and Living Designs Group Architects. This planning effort encompassed more than a typical comprehensive plan, with a major public outreach effort, participation by tribal government officials and departments in the steering committee, inclusion of elements for education and healthy community, schematic site planning for growth, and coordination with engineers who developed a water plan for Taos Pueblo.

iD+Pi led focus groups, helped plan and facilitate community meetings, and participated in most task force meetings. Every element of the plan includes statements from focus group participants expressing community and cultural values, and providing valuable information on selected topics.

The plan projected growth for Taos Pueblo that will require more developed land, housing and infrastructure for development and expanded services. All plan elements used a consistent set of growth assumptions. The planning team worked closely with Taos Pueblo officials to benefit from their expertise and experience. A proposed new development area will have single-family housing at varying densities, apartments, an administrative-judicial complex, a commercial area and parks. The implementation element describes actions and initiatives for various entities of tribal government.