Preparation of a Facility Master Plan Update 2014 - 2019 for Los Alamos Public Schools, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Service: Educational Facility Planning
Project Number: 21408000
Completion Year: 2015
Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Project Sheet Download (PDF):
Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) contracted with Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to prepare an update to its Facility Master Plan (FMP). The plan incorporates a physical evaluation of the district’s schools, administrative support facilities and leased facilities; enrollment projections; and analyses of the area’s demographics and economics, school facilities enrollment capacity, and school facility utilization.

The district has about 900,000 gross square feet of buildings with approximately $97 million of capital needs. District facilities include former school sites which are currently leased and generate revenue for school operations. The FMP addressed strategies to fund capital needs at the leased sites for the first time to protect the assets and preserve the revenue stream.

ARC worked with a steering committee comprised of district staff to develop options and the dataset to support the next phase of implementation in the district’s 20-year strategy to modernize district schools. Our development of capital needs considered district policies regarding out-of-district transfers, portable replacement, consolidation of schools, and equity in elementary school environments. ARC addressed State concerns that districts “right-size” their school facilities, and compared the GSF of existing school facilities to State adequacy standards and analyzed the excess GSF where needed.