Since 1987, we have provided facilities and capital master planning services, as well as special studies such as ADA assessments for numerous educational clients. Over 53 K-12 public school districts, and a number of BIA and private schools in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, and Virginia, ranging in size from a few hundred students to the Albuquerque Public Schools with an enrollment of over 88,000 students, universities, junior and community colleges and technical schools in New Mexico, California, Kansas and Arizona.

Cooperative Educational Services (CES)

ARC has been a partner for the past 19 years with Cooperative Educational Services, a member-owned agency that operates under a Joint Powers Agreement authorized by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration. We have worked with a number of CES members on a wide variety of projects. Members can contract directly with CES for our services without the time and expense involved in issuing an RFP and separate contract.