San Diego County Launches Zero Net Energy Management Initiative
Added September 9, 2019 by Jay Petronis

Architectural Research Consultants, Inc. (ARC) offers its congratulations to San Diego County for their Zero Net Energy (ZNE) management initiative.

This strategic plan provides goals for the County to become more efficient in its utility usage, minimizing costs, and lessening harmful environmental impact. At the County’s request, ARC worked as a consultant to Brummitt Energy Associates to edit, reformat, and polish the plan's final report. ARC also produced a brochure describing the plan in a succinct, easily understood, and highly graphic format for public distribution. In six pages, the brochure conveyed the essence of a highly technical report.

With these strategies, the County of San Diego is on its way to meet California's aggressive ZNE goals for new and existing commercial buildings by 2030.