Highest and Best Use Study for the Albuquerque Indian School Property, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Spring 1988
Service: Community Planning
Project Number: 18801.0000
Completion Year: 1988
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Project Sheet Download (PDF):
The 44-acre Albuquerque Indian School has stood abandoned and deteriorating since 1982. Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC), with Colombo and Associates, was hired by the All Indian Pueblo Council (AIPC) to study alternatives for site reuse.

Market information was collected for the site, surrounding areas and the city concerning development and vacant land markets. Projections were made and recent absorption rates researched for sectors of the development market in Albuquerque and for the site. Development options were presented to the AIPC Land Development Committee and Governors of the 19-member Pueblos.

The development option chosen for the site was a mixed use approach, with apartments, office, specialty retail, cultural uses and a hotel. A continuum of possible developer roles was presented to show degrees of AIPC involvement in the development process ranging from long-term leasing of building sites as requested by developers to AIPC master planning, building and leasing on the site.