2017-2021 Update to the Institutional Master Plan for Santa Fe Community College
Service: Educational Facility Planning, Facility Programming and Master Planning
Project Number: 21618
Completion Year: 2017
Location: Santa Fe, NM

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Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) retained Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to update the college’s 2009 Institutional Master Plan that we had previously prepared. To develop the SFCC 2017-21 Master Plan Update, we refreshed the 2009 plan in a focused way.

The plan update was a collaborative effort by the College’s administrators, faculty, Governing Board, and communities within the College’s service area. The update refines the long-range (20-year) development vision that guides capital improvements for facilities and sites serving SFCC to meet the expected program and enrollment needs of the College, and develops a five-year tactical plan.

Using the 2009 Plan as a foundation document, the focus of planning activities was to:

  • Update key base data that potentially impact physical planning
  • Identify accomplishments and changes that have occurred since 2009
  • Review and/or validate and identify any changes or course corrections to plan goals, concepts and strategies
  • Recommend short- and long-term capital improvements
  • Prepare an Institutional Master Plan amendment that reflects and succinctly documents updates to SFCC’s planning vision and short- and long-term planning needs.