Preparation of a Site Master Plan for 2400 South Broadway Southeast
Service: Facility Programming and Master Planning
Project Number: 21628
Completion Year: 2018
Location: Bernalillo County, New Mexico

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Bernalillo County retained Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to prepare a site master plan for its facilities at 2400 South Broadway Southeast. This site serves as the primary location for the County’s maintenance and operations activities and the home of the Public Works Division, and as an ancillary location for selected functions of the Parks & Recreation, Finance, and General Services Departments, the County Clerk, and the Sheriff. The site is 26.7 acres with about 138,000 gross square feet of building area encompassing 16 buildings and 30 storage sheds.

The master plan provides a long-term vision of efficient and sustainable site use with goals to:

  • Improve functional zoning
  • Encourage efficient use of the site and buildings
  • Provide safe and clear vehicular circulation and parking
  • Provide guidance for locating future operations and buildings

The plan incorporates a development road map with a series of incremental improvements that take advantage of a recent county building acquisition to relocate selected functions not essential to locate on site. Implementation of the master plan will gradually:

  • Redirect all public-oriented activities to the western part of the site, and the maintenance and operational (controlled) activities towards the center and eastern parts of the site.
  • Eliminate buildings in substandard condition to enable circulation improvements and possible new building siting.