Update of the San Juan College Facilities Master Plan Amendment to 2024
Service: Facility Programming and Master Planning
Project Number: 21813
Completion Year: 2019
Location: Farmington, New Mexico

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San Juan College (SJC), located in Farmington, New Mexico, completed most of the capital projects identified in its 2016-2021 Master Plan. SJC retained Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to update the plan. ARC prepared the 2016 and previous 2006 Master Plans.

The 2024 plan amendment prepared by ARC provides a brief summary of information about the campus sites and facilities, discusses significant changes in planning drivers (i.e., area demographics, economics, enrollment trends, programmatic changes, and building utilization), and identifies capital improvement recommendations to 2024.

Given recent enrollment decreases and expected at to modest future enrollment change, ARC determined that there is sufficient instructional space to meet anticipated program requirements to 2035. Consequently, the focus of the capital plan update was to:

• Renew facilities and infrastructure, including replacing the physical plant facility
• Provide student housing to support student recruitment efforts
• Continue strategies to improve utilization, functional adjacencies, and community engagement