Preparation of an Update to the Village of Fort Sumner Comprehensive Plan Update, 2018
Service: Community Planning
Project Number: 21713.000
Completion Year: 2018
Location: Village of Fort Sumner

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Architecural Research Consultants, Inc. (ARC) conducted an update of the Village of Fort Sumner Comprehensive Plan in 2018. The plan addressed land use, housing, economic development, transportation, utilities and facilities, and hazards mitigation.

ARC used an interactive planning process. Planners met many times with a steering committee of Village staff and community groups and conducted interviews, site visits, research and a community survey.

The updated plan reevaluated and reprioritized the original project goal’s plans and projects identified in the 2012 original plan. ARC also expanded the scope of the original plan with new elements covering facilities, water and hazards mitigation.

The plan update identified priority projects, including a recommendation to replace the Village’s existing zoning code, written in 1970 and unrevised since, with an updated unified development ordinance.

The plan update also provided guidance on the issues and opportunities to consider when making decisions regarding annexation, extraterritorial zoning and future land use.

The update provided an implementation plan, outlining properly scaled and effective steps for the Village to begin taking in order to achieve the goals outlined in the plan.