Preparation of a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan for the City of Las Vegas, New Mexico
Service: Community Planning
Project Number: 21721.0000
Completion Year: 2018
Location: City of Las Vegas

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The City of Las Vegas, NM contracted with Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to develop a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan (MRA), building upon and updating the City’s 2009 Downtown Action Plan.

The plan includes elements based on extensive research on city history, existing conditions and planning context, market analysis and identification of priority projects, and implementation strategies. The team also conducted in- depth analyses of city zoning and ordinances to develop specific recommendations for improving vacant building management and business development.

The team held a series of public engagement events, including stakeholder meetings and a two-day public design charrette. ARC worked with New Mexico Finance Authority, the State Historic Preservation Office, New Mexico Above: MRA, MainStreet Department of Transportation, New Mexico MainStreet, and ACD Boundaries MainStreet de Las Vegas, area institutions including New Mexico Highlands University, local school districts and many community groups to develop a comprehensive set Below: Master Plan of actionable priority projects that could be implemented Recommendations immediately. Several projects presented very limited cost barriers with immense catalytic potential for the community. The plan also recommended circulation improvements and presented a wayfinding plan that identified sign type, wording and location for wayfinding signage in the MRA.

ARC worked with key stakeholders to ensure the plan’s success after adoption, including researching deeds of ownership to facilitate circulation improvements and arranging meetings with contractors, developers and property owners to facilitate historic restoration.