Preparation of a Community Needs Assessment for a University of New Mexico Valencia Campus (UNM-V) Workforce Training Center
Service: Special Services
Project Number: 21818
Completion Year: 2018
Location: Tomé

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Project Sheet Download (PDF):

Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC), with the Community Economics Laboratory (CELab), assisted the University of New Mexico - Valencia Campus (UNM-V) to prepare a community needs survey and project justification for a Workforce Training Center (WTC) to be located on the west side of Los Lunas.

The design and construction of the WTC was delayed due to a State moratorium on branch college off-campus sites, and an executive veto of 2015 legislation that enabled the project.

ARC and CELab collected and compiled economic, demographic, and other data used to successfully support the project during the 2019 legislative session. Key justifications included:

  • The WTC was a key project in UNM-V’s Facilities Master Plan, fully funded through local resources, with an available donated site.

  • The population growth in Valencia County is among the fastest in the state.

  • Accompanying population growth, the county is experiencing a major economic development boom, with expansions in the retail, manufacturing, and technology industries.

  • This explosion in economic activity requires a well- trained workforce to fill the demand for jobs.

  • UNM-V has already developed curricula complementary to the demand from local businesses, including industries such as manufacturing and health care.