Information Technology

ARC's computer services blend seamlessly with our other services to provide an enhanced product that meets our clients' needs. Our web-based applications assist with utilization and capacity analysis, facility programming, condition assessments, facility master planning, and project budgeting.

We host servers, web applications, and web sites for many of our clients. ARC's IT staff builds and configures the servers, and maintains them on a daily basis. As a result, these web sites always function and are highly available. We respond very quickly to issues that might cause downtime.

Utilization/Capacity Analysis Tool (UCAT)

For our utilization and capacity analysis services we developed UCAT, a web-based computer software program with a graphical, user-friendly interface.

ARC can customize UCAT for any client and distribute it to any computer via a secure, password-protected web site. We developed UCAT on an open-source platform that assures common, stable programming code, timely security updates and freedom from vendor dependency, unlike other proprietary software that must be managed by the software developer.